Changing goals

I started my Outreachy internship with Mozilla on May 25th, working with mozci. A lot happened in the first five weeks:

  • We added more tests to mozci
  • We started Pulse Actions
  • We fixed some bugs in mozci
  • We discovered permission issues that put the original plan of doing retrigger/cancel requests through Pulse Actions on hold
  • We added new features to mozci
  • We decided to invest on using Pulse Actions to add more functionality to Treeherder instead
  • We improved mozci’s performance

Part of the application process was writing a project proposal. Mozci was about 2 months old at the time and so much changed since then that strictly following the original proposal would have been a bad idea.

Our current plan for the rest of my internship is to focus on using Pulse Actions to add new functionality to Treeherder, but a lot can happen until then (for example, we depend a lot on feedback from the sheriffs to guide us). I’m not nervous because I know I can count with the help of people from Outreachy, the Recurse Center and the A-team, especially my mentor Armen who has been awesome since I started contributing to mozci a long long time ago (four whole months!).

tags : Mozilla