What I got from contributing to OSS

There are a lot of good altruistic reasons to contribute to Open Source Software, but this post focuses on my selfish reasons.

Learning Projects

I’m OK at reading books, implementing examples and doing exercises,...

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Extending Try pushes

Are you tired of having to do a new try push just because you forgot a test? Your problems are over! Meet Try Extender. This new web app allows you to add new jobs to...

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Thanks to Mozilla and Outreachy, I was able to spend one week visiting Mozilla’s Toronto office and it was awesome. My mentor, armenzg, really went out of his way to make me feel welcomed. It...

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Ijson is magic

I love Python, but it can be a little resource-hungry at times.

For example, allthethings.json is a 12MB json file. How much memory does a Python script take to load it? Let’s profile the...

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Recently we had an ‘UnboundLocalError’ in mozci. A local variable was being referenced before assignment. Turns out we were only defining the variable in one branch of an ‘if’ statement. It was very straightforward...

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My first month contributing to Mozilla

During Hacker School’s winter break, I decided that I was finally ready to do something I’ve always wanted to do: contribute to Open Source.

First step

The first thing I had to do was...

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Ray-tracer evolution

In the last post I showed my finished ray-tracer. Now I’m going to show the steps I took to get there.

I started creating Lines and Spheres in geometry.py and generating an PNG image...

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Winter Break

It’s Winter break now at Hacker School, but the week was quite productive. I worked on two projects.


My first project of the week was a ray-tracer. I started creating classes for...

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Computing Bacon Numbers

I spent the past week doing Google Foobar exercises, and that was really fun (and really addictive). I managed to stop doing that to start working on a fun project: calculating a given person’s Read More

Fun with SICP

For the past week I’ve been working my way through SICP. I’m using DrRacket to test my code and after suffering for a little bit to find the right implementation of Scheme, I found...

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The start of Hacker School

This is my second day at Hacker School. Yesterday I spent my day installing Ubuntu, setting up Emacs Prelude and learning more about Git. My plan for today was to start working my way through...

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