Thanks to Mozilla and Outreachy, I was able to spend one week visiting Mozilla’s Toronto office and it was awesome. My mentor, armenzg, really went out of his way to make me feel welcomed. It was a great way to feel like I’m part of the Mozilla community.

armenzg introduced me to Toronto mozillians so I could learn more about what is going on in the organization: ekyle gave me an ActiveData tour (so much data to play with!), mconley explained the e10s project to me (this time it is going to happen!), secretrobotron talked with me about community building (I want to get more involved in the Brazilian Mozilla community).

Thursday I went with the other interns and their mentors to a real-life Escape-the-room game. It was pretty fun and a great chance to meet people from a lot of different teams.

The best part of the whole week was Friday. armenzg invited me, wlach, ekyle and rwood to a work-from-his-house day and it was very pleasant. It was a great ending for an amazing week!

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