Extending Try pushes

Are you tired of having to do a new try push just because you forgot a test? Your problems are over! Meet Try Extender. This new web app allows you to add new jobs to existing try pushes, all you have to do is log in, choose a revision and pick the jobs you want!

OK, now Iā€™m done with my parody informercial.

Try Extender is a web app running on Heroku that uses mozci to trigger new jobs for a try push. It is still a prototype, but if you want to extend a push you are welcomed to try it out! Currently it can only add new test jobs to completed build jobs or add new build jobs.

Right now the main goal is just to validate the idea. Depending on how this experiment goes we might work on integrating it into Treeherder, or leave it as a stand-alone web app.

tags : Mozilla